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Miscellaneous Coptic texts in the dialect of Upper Egypt

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Miscellaneous Coptic texts in the dialect of Upper Egypt

Published 1915

Includes bibliographical references and indexes


Publisher [London] : Printed by order of the Trustees : sold at the British Museum
Pages 1494
Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language Coptic
Call number ACQ-1353
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Book contributor Robarts - University of Toronto
Collection robarts; toronto
Notes Very tightly bound book with minimal centre margin - difficult to get into centre.

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Reviewer: pamour - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 10, 2015
Subject: Budge Miscelleaneous Coptic Texts
It is a fantastic advantage for someone like me, nowehere near a proper library, to have copies of works like this, but the Coptic text reproduced in the book is on most pages is missing at the beginning and end of a line, which makes it impossible to read it properly.
I realize it must be a a difficult job scanning a book as large as this with narrow margins and in what is probably a frail condition. The British Museum should have insisted on producing it two volumes.
I, for one, would be grateful if the book could be rescanned in such a way that all of the Coptic text is readable. Anthony Alcock
Reviewer: Gregorovivs - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 12, 2009
Subject: Some additional info
This is the volume V of:

COPTIC TEXTS edited with introductions and english translations by


Volume V. Miscellaneous Texts in the Dialect of Upper Egypt.
With forty plates and twenty illustrations in the text.

Contents :

I. The Encomium of Theodore, Archbishop of Antioch, on Theodore the Anatolian.
II. The Discourse on Mary Theotokos by Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem.
III. The Discourse by Demetrius, Archbishop of Antioch, on the birth of God the Word and on the Virgin Mary.
IV. The Discourse of Apa Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus, on the Holy Virgin, Mary Theotokos.
V. The Discourse of Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Rakote, on the Virgin Mary.
VI. The Teaching of Apa Psote, the great Bishop of Psoi.
VII. The Discourse on the Compassion of God and on the freedom of speech by the Archangel Michael, by Severus, Archbishop of Antioch.
VIII. The Discourse of Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem, on the discovery of the Cross and on the baptism of Isaac the Samaritan.
IX. The Martyrdom of Saint Mercurius the General.
X. The Martyrdom and Miracles of Mercurius the General.
XI. The Encomium of Acacius, Bishop of Caesarea, on Mercurius the Martyr.
XII. A Discourse on the Archangel Gabriel by Celestinus, Archbishop of Rome.
XIII. The Encomium of Theodosius, Archbishop of Alexandria, on Saint Michael the Archangel.
XIV. Histories of the Monks in the Egyptian Desert by Paphnutius.
XV. The Prayer of Saint Athanasius when dying.
XVI. The Discourse on Saint Michael the Archangel by Timothy, Archbishop of Alexandria. XVII. Encomium on the Archangel Raphael by Saint John Chrysostom (incomplete).
XVIII. The Apocalypse of Paul (incomplete). Appendix. The Martyrdoms of Absadi, Alanikos, and Mercurius, and Oriental MSS., Nos. 6806 a, 6780, and 6800.

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